Join the exciting Japan-hosted Internet Governance Forum (IGF) from October 8th to 12th. Collaborating with IPPDR, the Dominican Republic hub enables regional engagement in global Internet governance, featuring expert connections, Caribbean-focused discussions, and networking opportunities. Shape the future of the Internet in Barahona Town!

Internet Governance Forum

The Internet Governance Forum is a global multi-stakeholder platform that brings together actors from various sectors to discuss and debate issues related to Internet governance. It is an open dialogue space where representatives from governments, the private sector, civil society, academia, and technology come together to exchange ideas, share perspectives, and collaborate on challenges and opportunities related to the evolution of the internet.

The Internet Governance Forum does not make binding decisions but provides a crucial platform for discussing policies, regulations, security, privacy, internet access, and other vital issues. The main goal is to promote collaboration and inclusive dialogue to find practical solutions to complex and ever-evolving issues related to the use and regulation of the internet globally.


Institute of Public Policy & Diplomacy Research

The Institute of Public Policy & Diplomacy Research is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization

The Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research is an institutional organization that strives to be an academic platform to promote lifelong learning education for all and to train students to develop an economic, political, good governance, leadership, and social system that determines a future that is safeguarded and sheltered toward a sustainable future.

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